Stunning. *Starting SPOILERS*

User Rating: 9.5 | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All DS
Review for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Justice for all.

Impressed by the first game, So decided to buy another one. It was simply amazing. I often hate DS games but this is the best Ds game i have played apart from the First Phoenix wright. Well let's start, You continue being an amateur lawyer and Phoenix get's knocked out which causes Amnesia, so he doesn't remember anything...He has to survive in court while in such a bad condition. And crushing someone when he gets memory back. He then sends the culprit to jail. The twists in the story are good. But, I find this game very hard especially the second when you have to locate the exact spot on the map. 5 strikes and i lost :) It takes a lot of reading like Hotel dusk that i was dissing ;P But this is very funny a lot of the time. Some left me in stiches, which is strange for a crime solving game..The twists are hard and takes lots of skill to get the hang of it, i'm very intelligent in law sort of stuff so i know all they are talking about, its not suitable for Naive 9 year olds. Because they will not understand half of it.

Well, Thanks for reading.

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