Sadly this takes a big step backwards and is poorly put together. Stick with the first in the series.

User Rating: 6.2 | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All DS
Phoenix Wright is a popular name. The first game to have been released in EU was a big hit and unlike anything before. It was basically a lawyer-em-up. You went around, investigating cases and defending your clients in the court room. This game was originally on the Game Boy Advance but gained a new case when ported to the DS. One of the great features of this game was the ability to shout "Objection!" into the mic. The characters were memorable, it was funny, bright and cute. Real lovely. So what happened to the sequel? Well the big problem is the cases themselves. They are not as well put together. In the first one, when you do a cross examination or trying to get your point across, with patience and thinking you will realise what you should present next or talk about next in the court room. This was helped by the fact that Phoenix Wright thought normally. Yet in this game he always ends up thinking something far fetched. You have no idea what he is thinking a lot of the times which is bad because you have no idea what you are trying to prove or say in court. And the clues to help you and story are so obscure. You have to end up guessing a lot of the time what you should be doing, getting it wrong, loading up the game and trying again. The sound is bad also, it is just so quiet even at maximum volume and the remixed tracks are not as good or memorable as the original. Also, for the curious, there is no voice acting but a few sound effects here and there which do get the job done. The graphics are pretty much the same you have seen from the first game, most people look the same and have the same animation and there are more returning faces than new ones. It is nice to see those friends of yours again though and to catch up on what has happened since the first game. The story overall is terrible, there are plenty of questions that have not been answered and even a massive plot hole with the first one gets created because of this game. Infact, PM me if you want details of that. The game also takes this massive step backwards. See, the Phoenix Wright games are ports. They were on the Game Boy Advance at first. Now when the first one became ported to the DS you got an extra case which took exciting use of the DS features. In this port there is no special case and it pretty much plays nearly the exact same as the GBA version. This game is just a big mess compared to the first one, it is like an expansion with only 4 new cases and not much else. It can be funny and interesting in places but at the same time it feels less effort was put into this one due to the fact that it can be so obscure and with many unanswered questions dotted all over the place. And there is also the fact you can complete the game in less than two days, just stick with the first and hope the third will be as good.