only this game's premise is interesting

User Rating: 5 | Phase Paradox PS2
It's fitting that this game has "paradox" in its title: it's a direct sequel of philosoma, a shmup, but is a 3rd person game. it plays as a resident evil game, but it progresses as a visual novel. it is dubbed in english, but was only released in Japan.

if your first reaction was "what the hell is Philosoma?", it was an early playstation game, rather forgettable but strangely this sequel got produced. the story picks up where Philosoma ended, when the main character (female) defeats a galactic menace absorbing its enemies to better adapt and defeat them. in its sequel, she falls into a coma after being infected by the entity, and the player first assumes control of her love interest.

from there, the story starts and stays unremarkable. chaos unleashes, with alien and zombie invasions, and a bunch of survivors progressing through the ship, each suspecting the other to be infected, and figuring an escape to the impending doom. more surprising is the gameplay, where characters appear in 3D ina 2D prerendered environment, in a typical early resident evil fashion. story progresses by making choices at predefined points, but it is limited to button pressing.

Phase Paradox is a game published against all odds, and can be played by non-japanese readers, but I just can't recommend it. its premise is weak, its gameplay is abysmal, and it ends with a cliffhanger that will never be solved.