Anyone find this game flawed enough to kill enjoyment?

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I’m gonna casually go about this…. If anyone has anything meaningful to add, feel free to do so….

On first glance, I can see t he appeal of the game from gameplay/screenshot….

However theres bad play design at work which can ruin enjoyment when you realize t hem….

1.the fire marshals can become erractic w ith their paths causing building to be neglected and burning down ….the frustrating thing with this is things can go well at first but suddenly change…or maybe it’s bug or suppose to do that or both….

This same problem apply to other service provider like relgion and so on, what start well can at somme point go wrong on its own which can be frustrating… when you have multiple blocks with this problem , it can be pain….

A better design w ould be to set path of y our providers so everythinngs predictable instead leaving the ai to randomly pick it’s paths…. But its an old 1999 game so what cani say….


Shrinking workforce is a continuing problem, I look on youtube without a solution …so your workforce is suupose to shrink overtime leading to labor shortage but you map size is constant s what can you do?

Maybe taking realization a bit too far here, this problem with no solution is no fun….havent played any game w ith such an element before…..

3. also the design of t he game make you constantly check everything and this pattern wears you down overtime especially with a big city …this can dulls the game when you realize t his….

4. a bad design game is a bad design game….things not working well due to bugs and bad game design are not gamers’ faults….