Phantasy Star Zero Cheats For DS

  1. Invincible during Dark Falz Fight

    When fightning Mother Trinity cast a Photon Blast while she is dieing. You will be invincible for the Dark Falz fight that follows. This glitch works on all difficulties.

    Contributed by: knightmere122 

  2. Special Item passwords, usable by all classes.

    Enter these codes into the vending machine in the sewers to receive special items.

    Effect Effect
    8331 7716 "Miku Hatsune" wand
    4624-5828 Boom Bazooka
    4898-1642 Dengeki DS
    8841-3383 Dokkan Cannon
    5397-8287 Famitsu Magazine Wand
    8353-1552 Gemaga
    4841-9476 Get a "V Jump Shield"
    5247 3115 Get a claw
    3489 9723 Get a gunblade
    7772-2919 Get a Slicer
    4137 5476 Get a spear
    5848-4768 Get an "One hand sword"
    3486-1881 Hylia Shield
    8741-4615 Light & Darkness Staff
    2893-1983 Nintendo Dream
    6337-6325 Samus's Power Beam Cannon
    9425-3366 Selvaria's Shield
    1795-6762 x5 Heart of Lassi (Mag Evolution Item)
    1914-9256 x5 Heart of Toppi (Mag Evolution Item)
    7762-1268 x5 Puyo Hearts

    Contributed by: demonglade, IAznDragonI Yan, devwan, Crystalxstar, LaharlOnKonata, RaingFlame 

  3. US Passwords

    For the US version, the following passwords will net you the corresponding items.

    Effect Effect
    7839-3594 Blade Cannon
    5139-6877 Caduceus
    9185-6189 CONSOLES+
    7162-5792 Game Master
    5531-0215 INGame: Greg&Kiri
    4775-7197 Lassie Soul
    3171-0109 Nintendo Power
    3470-1424 Puyo Soul
    4294-2273 Selvaria's Shield
    5703-8252 Selvaria's Spear
    9475-6843 Taupy Soul

    Contributed by: MegaMage3003 

  4. Unlockable Modes (JP)

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Reach Level 30 Hard Mode - Single and Multiplayer
    Reach Level 60 Super Hard Mode - Multiplayer
    Complete All Quests on Hard Super Hard Mode - Single

    Contributed by: RyuuHasha 

  5. Unlockable Difficulties (US)

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Reach Level 30 Hard Mode (Multi-Player)
    Clear Story Mode on Normal. Hard Mode (Single Player)
    Finish all regular Hard Mode missions, including Eternal Tower. Super Hard Mode (Single Player)
    Reach Level 60 Super Mode (Multi-Player)

    Contributed by: ChickenatorRob, Getriebe 

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