Phantasy Star Portable Cheats For PSP

  1. Titles and Rewards

    Titles are earned by reaching certain goals in the game, such as defeating a required number of enemies or completing particular missions On occasion, unique rewards are given after earning a title.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Reached level 60 1st Class Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)
    Defeated 5 Adahna Degahnas Adahna Slayer (Title), Sleep / Resist (Reward)
    Defeated 5 Alterazgohgs Alteraz Slayer (Title), Confuse / Resist (Reward)
    Cleared Chapter 7 in story mode AMF Elite Unit (Title), Mayalee Hit (Reward)
    Reached Hunter level 5 Angry Soldier (Title), Gravity Strike (Reward)
    Maximum damage exeeded 1800 Annihilator (Title), Berdysh (Reward)
    Cleared Chapter 6 in story mode Armed Servant (Title), Reverser (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all axes Axe Collector (Title), Ank Buti (Reward)
    Maximum damage exeeded 600 Berserker (Title), Lollipop (Reward)
    Defeated 5 Bil De Goluses Bil De Golus Slayer (Title), Cati / Anti Down (Reward)
    Raised 10 bullets to level 30 Bullet Master (Title), Mayalee Fury (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all cards Card Collector (Title), Kaza-kikami (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all claws Claw Collector (Title), Ohga-Misaki (Reward)
    Completed all G. Colony free missions Colony Tourist (Title), Tero / All Save (Reward)
    Cleared free missions 3 times Combat Master (Title), Amore Rose (Reward)
    Obtained a grilling weapon (use 10 upgrade grinders on a beef weapon without failing) Cooking Fighter (Title), Juicy Line (Reward)
    Defeat all creatures Creature Master (Title), Magana Slayer (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all crossbows Crossbow Collector (Title), Cubo Simba (Reward)
    Maximum damage exeeded 300 Crushe (Title)r, Final Impact (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all double saber D. Saber Collector (Title), Ragan-Ragan (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all daggers Dagger Collector (Title), Deraga-zashi (Reward)
    Defeated 5 De Ragan s De Ragan Slayer (Title), Burn / Resist (Reward)
    Defeated 5 De Ragnuses De Ragnus Slayer (Title), Solid / Anti Up (Reward)
    Defeated 5 De Rol Les De Rol Le Slayer (Title), Freeze / Resist (Reward)
    Defeated 5 Dimmagoluses Dimmagolus Slayer (Title), Shock / Resist (Reward)
    Reached level 80 Elite Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)
    Cleared Chapter 8 in story mode Eternal Traveler (Title), Absolute Dance (Reward)
    Reached Protranser level 10 Explosive Maestro (Title), Ikk Hikk (Reward)
    Defeated Dulk Fakis (1st phase) 5 times Fakis 1st Slayer (Title), Poison / Resist (Reward)
    Defeated Dulk Fakis (2nd phase) 5 times Fakis 1st Slayer (Title), Virus / Resist (Reward)
    Reached Fighmaster level 5 Flying Berzerker (Title), Dus Majarra (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all grenades Grenade Collector (Title), Gur Hanab (Reward)
    Reached level 90 Guardian Hero (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)
    Reached level 70 Guardian Instructor (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)
    Reached level 40 Guardian Officer (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all handguns Handgun Collector (Title), De Ragun (Reward)
    Reached Acromaster level 5 Hurricane Striker (Title), Chikki Kyoren-jin (Reward)
    Became incapacitated 100 times I Willing Martyr (Title), Okikudohg (Reward)
    Cleared Chapter 2 in story mode Intel Section (Title), Cross Hurricane (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all knuckles Knuckle Collector (Title), Gudda Igga (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all lasers Lasers Collector (Title), Love Inferno (Reward)
    Reached Acromaster level 10 Light Speed Killer (Title), Chuei Jitotsushin (Reward)
    Reached Ranger level 10 Lone Sniper (Title), Boma Maga (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all longbows Longbow Collector (Title), Nasuyoteri (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all machineguns M. Gun Collector (Title), Deathrain (Reward)
    Defeated 5 Magas Maggahnases Maggahnas Slayer (Title), Stun / Resist (Reward)
    Reached Gunmaster level 5 Magnificent Gunner (Title), Twin Penetration (Reward)
    Reached FIghmaster level 10 Mega Destroyer (Title), Anga Jabroga (Reward)
    Total Meseta reached 1000000 Meseta Tycoon (Title), Meseta Fury (Reward)
    Completed all Moatoob free missions Moatoob Tourist (Title), Solid / TECH Save (Reward)
    Cleared Chapter 1 in story mode Mobile Defense (Title), Resta (Reward)
    Completed all Neudaiz free missions Neudaiz Tourist (Title), Cati / TECH Save (Reward)
    Played co-op multiplayer mode Not the Only Hero (Title), Rappy Suit (Reward)
    Cleared free missions 25 times One to Watch (Title), Ank Bico (Reward)
    Defeated 5 Onmagougs Onmagoug Slayer (Title), Silence / Resist (Reward)
    Completed all Parum free missions Parum Tourist (Title), Solid / Bullet Save (Reward)
    Reached Masterforce level 10 Photon Protector (Title), Rentis (Reward)
    Reached Force level 10 Photon Wizard (Title), Giresta (Reward)
    Collected all titles PS Perfec (Title)t, Hyakka Ryo-ran (Reward)
    Reached Ranger level 5 Quiet Hunter (Title), Penetrating Hit (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all ranged mags R. Mag Collector (Title), Elsral (Reward)
    Cleared Chapter 4 in story mode R&D Section (Title), Masei-sou (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all rifles Rifle Collecto (Title)r, Killer Elite (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all rods Rod Collector (Title), Okarod (Reward)
    Cleared Chapter 5 in story mode Rogue Family (Title), Bukuu Saien-zan (Reward)
    Reached level 1 Rookie Guardian (Title), Goggles (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all sabers Saber Collector (Title), Apocalypse (Reward)
    Cleared Chapter 3 in story mode SEED Intel Section (Title), Spiral Dance (Reward)
    Reached Force level 5 Shining Mage (Title), Regrant (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all shotguns Shotgun Collector (Title), Shigga Pakuda (Reward)
    Raised 10 skills to level 30 Skill Master (Title), Gravity Break (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all slicers Slicer Collector (Title), Asura-hiken (Reward)
    Reached level 30 Solid Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all spears Spear Collector (Title), Mugunburga (Reward)
    Reached Masterforce level 5 Spirit Sorceror (Title), Dizas (Reward)
    Reached Protranser level 5 Stealthy Tactition (Title), Mayalee Prism (Reward)
    Defeated 500 creatures Super Ace (Title), Din De Bel (Reward)
    Defeated 1000 creatures Super Elite (Title), Sacred Dusters (Reward)
    Defeated 10000 creatures Super Hero (Title), Bringer Rifle (Reward)
    Defeated 100 creatures Super Rookie (Title), Laser Pannon (Reward)
    Reached level 50 Superior Guardian (Title), Aura Field (Reward)
    Reached Gunmaster level 10 Supreme Assassin (Title), Killer Shot (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all swords Sword Collector (Title), De Ragan Slayer (Reward)
    Collected 80% of alltwin claws T. Claw Collector (Title), Shide-Misaki (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all twin daggers T. Dagger Collector (Title), Tamagiri-zashi (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all twin sabers T. Saber Collector (Title), Tyrant Spada (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all twin handguns T.H. Gun Collector (Title), Battlestopper (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all TECHNIC mags TECH mag Collector (Title), Delpi (Reward)
    Raised 10 TECHNICs to level 30 TECHNIC Master (Title), Megistar (Reward)
    Collected 30 titles Title Collector (Title), Opa Opa (Reward)
    Cleared free missions 50 times Top Contender (Title), Dallgunrod (Reward)
    Reached level 100 Ultimate Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)
    Cleared free missions 100 times Ultimate Warrior (Title), Robopitch Grenade (Reward)
    Cleared free missions 10 times Up and Coming (Title), Samba Maracas (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all wands Wand Collector (Title), Bajura (Reward)
    Collected 80% of all whips Whip Collector (Title), Vish Diraga (Reward)
    Reached Hunter level 10 Whirling Slicer (Title), Tornado Dance (Reward)
    Reached level 10 Young Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)
    Reached level 20 Zealous Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)
    Defeated 5 Zoal Gougs Zoal Goug Slayer (Title), Cati / Rainbow (Reward)

    Contributed by: DrAGo_RifLE 

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