I loved this game! the storyline was well written, graphics was very good and i loved the fighting styles.

User Rating: 10 | Phantasy Star Portable 2 PSP
phantasy star 2 is one of the best RPGs i have played for the psp. I loved the freedom they gave you for making your character, such as the hair styles, clothes,gender, and the species you got to pick from also the ability to decorate your own room is really cool. the storyline was well written, the characters become very likable and i love how you get a choice on what to say. The game play was fun, I loved finding different weapons, upgrading them then swinging them into the creatures attacking you.I really liked how you got to control everything, majority of the RPGs are like Pokemon where you run into a enemy and you pick what your going to do and then you attack then they attack until there is a winner. not phantasy star, you have free movement and attack. I also liked the multiplayer online, its a lot of fun playing with different people, seeing their rooms, fighting together, chatting, and even fighting against each other. The bosses were all a challenge in my opinion, i like that they gave you the choice that if you die from a boss fight you don't have to redo the whole stage. and the final boss was really hard, i loved that challenge. I also liked the ending and that you get to continue once the story mode was finished. I either hate a game or really like it, this one is one of my favorites