Beautiful game. Ugly costs.

User Rating: 7.2 | Phantasy Star Online (Limited Edition) DC
This was my first on-line console game, from day one it sucked me right in, at the beginning you must enter a key code given in your case, once you've done that you must create a character, there's a large variety each with their own special abilities and fight styles, examples of these are: wizard, warrior, priest, strong warrior, agile warrior, range (guns). And a few more, once you've selected that you can customize their looks, after that the game immerses you in a lobby with other players and from there you can begin your quest. The game feels magical and mysteries, you can team up with friends to do missions with each other on the different planet and experience the one of a kind on-line experience which only fantasy star on-line can give. The fact that there's so many ways you can interact with you fellow team mates including reviving them from the dead, and the fact that you can go through hours and hours of the story together fighting giant bosses and hoards of enemy's really does give you a sense of being among the community. Each player can carry a mag with them which is a small robot which flies above the players head. These (just like your player) can be leveled up to become stronger, as they do so will the abilities you gain from them. The player themselves have an extremely high amount of levels which should satisfy any RPG fan, there are also a very impressive amount of weapons available from drops of enemy's, or can be brought from the shops, these can also be traded among players. This game truly is beautiful and excels at nearly everything besides the graphics which can easily be forgiven with the incredible game play. But... The COST... Feel like paying £1.00 an hour? A more sensible pay scheme could of really made all the difference with fantasy star universe.