Petition to SEGA for PSO2 West update

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Edward@SEGA, if you are reading this, we are not upset with you. You're doing a great job with what you have been given, we understand this completely now. UPDATED: Now live! click on the link above. Someone here has stated that I should add SEGA Of Japan to this petition, and even have it translated into Japanese. If you guys feel that they should be added to benefit the petition, please let me know how, as I can still edit the petition a lil bit more. Please DO NOT send me a google translation, as it will be ignored. As of Feb 20 2013 7PM EST, I am still in need of help translating this petition into Japanese, and in need of finding out who to address it to over at SEGA Of Japan. Please, if you know of anyone who can help me do this, send them here. Thanks. As a reminder for later, there's one more thing I want to post about before I go to bed tonight. There is an option, rather a few options on the petition, that whenever someone signs it, it will email the person/s that the petition is addressed to. Right now, I only have "" for SoA/SoE. I need to find out the email address for SoJ as well as who to address it to over there.