Anyone who may have played the Japanese version...

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How would you recommend it? I loved PSO (I still own Ep. 1 & 2 plus on GC, as well as Blue Burst), and to a lesser degree PSU and the portable titles. That being said, I'm thinking of getting a Vita just for this when it releases (have no other desire to buy one), so, does it live up to it's predecessors? What's improved, what bad changes, etc? Thx
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Well, I've never played the predecessors but I can tell you the game is the only mmo that has me enjoying it. The combat is just what I was looking for and the grind isn't too bad. I haven't played for awhile though, so I never got to experience all the recent class updates and gameplay changes. I can't really describe anything else in the game without knowing what you're looking for.
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big thing I guess would be his the combat actually works in comparison to pso and psu, leveling, customization, things like that. However, since you said you didn't play the previous ones you probably can't give me that info :(
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Try the General Games discussion forum. Someone is definitely bound to have the answers you seek.
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I tried to get into the the JP version with an english patch, but was not successful, but...

From my understanding the skill and weapon system is that of the PSO1 with an advanced combat/combo system based on PSU/PS Portable, and the leveling system based on the DS's PS off-shoot.

So it breaks down into: you can use any weapon on any class (so long as you meet the min specs) and as you level-up you get to spec into any one of the classes to enhance the stats used by that class; in combat you do more damage the farther into a chain you go, and you can chain spells (supposedly, haven't been able to play).

As far as the story goes, my vauge understanding of it is that we are many generations after the original two colonization ships in PSO1 and on the opposite side of the universe from the events in the PSU/PSP/PSP2 chain (so no beast-race).

Oh, and there are MAGs, not the stupid PALS.

As far as buying a Vita just for this... its what I did, and I'm getting sick of waiting for news on a release date.  There are a few good Vita games holding me over (Raganrok Odyssee being the main one). I bought my Vita expecting compatibility with my PSPGo game collection, and I was sadly mistaken, only 3 of my PSP games have been Vita allowed (and not the important ones like Valkyria Chronicles or PSP2). So my suggestion would be to wait at least until a release date is made or if you find a must-have Vita title, or a price reduction (probably gonna be reduction shortly after the Feb. 20 Sony event/announcement.)

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I am currently playing's rather easy to get into the just have to complete a captcha in japanese, which can be tricky.

Combat is unlike both PSO and PSU in the fact that you use "Mouse 1 & Mouse 2" for attacking rather than the direction keys. The game plays like a third or first person shooter and you can actually change your in-game view to reflect this. Photon Arts are "chained" into combos. For example, you can set the greatsword PA whirlwind to combo slot 1 which means you can either use whirlwind by pressing mouse 2 at any time or by using basic attack (mouse 1) and then "chaining" in whirlwind immediately afterward. You can have up to 3 PAs slotted like this but a PA in slot 2 or 3 can't always be used on demand, depending on the weapon you may have to combo into them. The gunblade changes forms so you must combo into PAs aside from slot 1. This is only for melee weapons, btw. Guns and Staves follow a different set of rules.

Each class has their own form of a dodge-roll, you can guard with certain weapons, and rangers don't consume PP with standard shots. You can also attack in the air and hit airborne opponents while grounded.