Its a good game but if ur short-tempered and you care about graphics, this isnt the game for you. But its addictive

User Rating: 9 | Persona PSP
when i first bought this game and played it, i was like WTF is this? and i returned it. After playing persona 3 portable, i rebought this game, just to see the ending of the game. Its wasnt bad,not bad at all.

But you first have to know what kind of game this is.
1. Its a 1996 game straight into a psp
2. unlike the PS1 version, the graphics got a little better and the music became modernized.
3. when you go into a dungeon, its in first person view

1. addictive, and has alternate endings and you can choose between two routes at one point to change the storyline
2. great soundtrack
3. swearing FTW!
4. addicting
5. You can go to the casino
6. Storyline is good.....if you READ EVERYTHING
7. comes with 2 CDS :D ( soundtrack )

2. gameplay is showing its age
3. enemies like to be cheap
4. Its a hard game
5. Storyline is hard to understand

This is probably everything you need to know If you like old school, or if ur a persona fan, get it. If not, dont. This is my first persona game ( Cuz i played persona 3 at my friends -____- dont misunderstand) and i found it addicting but aloso annoying

make your choice