Persona still stands as a unique experience vs other JRPGs, but falls short of the newer and deeper Persona games.

User Rating: 7 | Persona PSP
I didn't quite finish the first Persona game on the PS1, because I played it after Persona 3:FES and Persona 4. It felt close, but like a stripped-down version of P3/P4. I had hopes that I'd want a lighter, simpler experience on the PSP, and figured Persona 1 on a portable would be the right fit. Unfortunately, I still find myself wanting to play Persona 3 Portable now, instead...

The good:
* As with most Persona games, a very good soundtrack that offers variety and stands on its own.
* Characters and storyline are entertaining and keep you engaged -- you care about the protagonist and his journey, and whether you can really save humanity/the world.
* Very immersive touches with the bad guys you encounter (their dialog, appearance, etc.) and others you experience as you go.

The not-so-good:
* Visuals are definitely dated, particularly if you're used to the newer, more colorful and bold visual designs in P3 and P4.
* Combat in P1 was novel when the game was new on the PS1, but after playing the slightly broader and more refined combat in P3 and P4, it's hard to go back. It feels a little flat and repetitive for me.
* Puzzle aspects feel contrived, and often require a lot of backtracking through environments, forcing you to fight numerous easy random battles, which is dull.
* Boss battles require a lot of tedious grinding to get to the proper level.

Overall, if you've never played a Persona game, I highly recommend you buy and play this one prior to Persona 3 Portable's relese in July.