a backward graphics but it has the steaming forward gameplay.., nice addition for the psp game lists..

User Rating: 8.5 | Persona PSP
i never thought of it at first to play it cause i'm seeing like an old graphics as you can see it too but when the time i tried it.i didn't notice that i got myself into it for hours now.its like i never notice it like hypnotize by this game.its a very great revival for the psp as it is.
its like the ds don't look at the graphics,look how fun can it be when you play it.

the fun will start by the time you got 4teammates you to fight at your side.the weapons are cool,you can use swords and skills by your persona and the very rare one is you can use gun too,the ammo is limitless so you don't have to worry about that unless you have to replace it with stronger ones.

I never got the chance to play the original game, so I only got to hear about its polarizing nature from both sides of the fence. I can happily report that the update, despite holding firm to its classically hardcore roots, feels gussied up with enough improvements to feel like peeking back in time through the veil of a more modern interface – which is arguably the biggest change to things. With the core game left to present itself as it was originally intended, while everything around it was made to be easier to digest, Persona emerges as something totally unique on the psp

so the bottom line is a buy,like i said this is not the 21th century graphics you've been expecting.just play it you will love it especially for those fans of RPG genres like me.