If you loved Persona 5 this is right around your corner

User Rating: 8 | Persona 5: Dancing Star Night VITA

Persona 5 was my Game of the Year for 2017 and easily my favourite game on the PS4. I didn't know what to expect in Persona 5 after spending a ton of hours on both Persona 3 and 4 in the past, plus a reason why I don't want to spoil the story for anyone who haven't played Persona 5 yet because not only it's released on both the PS3 and PS4; but the PS4 version is a strong welcoming point to newcomers in the JRPG genre. There have been many good JRPG games over the past twenty years, especially in the PlayStation library, the Persona series has been one of those franchises that just surprises you in every way when it comes to gameplay, storytelling and making choices that could cause an impact later in the game if you are not too careful.

The story for this takes place after the events of Persona 5 plays more of a spin-off where it doesn't have a campaign or defeating shadows, Caroline and Justine welcome the Phantom Thieves in a velvet room with a disco ball floating in the background with Aria of the Soul being played in the background. You could say it feels more like a dance off on seeing who could pull of the best dance moves they are aware of what happened during the events of Persona 4: Dancing All Night if you've played it as I've already mentioned this feels more like a spin-off or an OVA episode when thinking about Persona 5: Dancing Star Night.

Just like Persona 4: Dancing All Night it still uses basic dancing game using the directional buttons Up, Left and Down on the left side and also using Triangle, Circle and X buttons on the right side of the screen. When you see the stars coming towards any of the buttons be sure to tap them to break the notes in time when they come close, seeing green star lines you'll need to hold down them and release them before their line ends and of course the purple star lines where you'll need to press two buttons together.

What is new in both Persona 3 and 5 Dancing is D-D, which is double tap which comes on the screen in either direction. If you see Fever circle coming towards them use either tilt the left or right analog sticks to scratch in order to get a Fever circle mange to collect three stars on the top screen one of your partners will come in and help you out. But the aim of completing each song you'll need to have to keep the audience excitement up, the colour and expression will change depending on your performance and could affect your result at the end of the song.

Commu is a new feature added in both games that play like Social-Links for each of your party members having a chat and conversation on different tastes and opinions is a neat touch doesn't change the story when it comes to making choices. Each of the Commu events you go through will unlock a new costume for either characters from headgear to shirts to costumes; when starting off the game you'll only have four tracks to choose from once you've done a set of four tracks a new one will come up which you have to complete and soon after you'll unlock another four tracks on the list, you can play all 25 tracks on either difficulty from Easy, Normal, Hard or All Night mode. All the tracks added in Dancing Star Night including Last Surprise, Your Life Will Change, Blooming Villain and Whims of Fate are added in including Remixes which make a nice touch for Persona 5 fans.

Loving the fact that the soundtrack is the biggest reason in coming back in playing Persona 5: Dancing Star Night, with it being released on the PS4 as well the graphics and visuals look impressive to look at from the character animation and dance moves. If you've noticed in the past like Persona 4 was the last big JRPG game to be released for the PS2 10 years ago and Persona 5 more or less being the last JRPG for the PS3 if you think about it looking at both Dancing games on the PS Vita feels likes pushing the hardware to its limit for a handheld and a nice little farewell to system itself especially if you are a PS Vita lover when it comes to PlayStation exclusives for either platform. If you don't have a PS Vita this game is compatible with PS TV meaning that you could play this on a bigger screen and using either a PS3 or PS4 controller instead.

There is DLC content for tracks and costumes if you have a PSN account, clearing all tracks can take a few hours to finish it shouldn't take you this long in getting a 100% on trophies and unlocking all costumes. I would admit that I found Persona 5: Dancing Star Night a little short for a dance rhythm game, If you've not a huge Persona fan the game can still be fun, especially with a good music soundtrack kind of makes you want to check out the Persona franchise when you think about it.