This is definitely the best Persona game I have ever played in my whole entire life and it's worth owning this game!

User Rating: 10 | Persona 4: The Golden VITA
Best story
Memorable scenes and events
It's funny (Believe me, it's definitely awesome XD) Awesome soundtracks
Good voice acting
Great character personality
Good game play
Nice settings

It starts of slow but the pacing catches up

Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita is the greatest RPG ever made with more additional content the original lack. Since this is the first time I have played a Persona game and I'm really interested in playing previous Persona sequels.

Despite the fact that I never played the original and I can't be so sure what contents has to offer from the previous, what definitely is added to this game is a new character (Marie), new Social Links (Marie and Adachi) that goes in-depth of the story, improved details, new events, new scenes, new musics, new voice, online features that could help you and help you decide what you want to do, new places, new dungeon, more Personas, costumes you get to wear and more. You'll also be given an option for a New Game+, customize what is appropriate for you. If you want the battle easy, go easy. If you want to maximize the intensity of actions, go very hard. With such contents, this game maximizes to the limit to where it's so awesome, it makes you cry, even for the new epilogue.

Similar to what I said in the "Content" category, I never played the previous sequels of Persona but in comparisons with this game's story and the previous stories, this game has some dark moments, but it is mostly taking place in a happy settings. The others set in a dark, gloomy settings. In the end, it depends on your kind of taste, whether you like both, or not. So... You'll be playing as a Hero (name whatever you want to name, but it's default name is Yu Narukami), before you start going on the adventure, you'll be in your dream, meeting Igor and Margaret in the Velvet Room (Inside a car). They will serve you, tell you what lies ahead in the future, where it will lead and what can happen with mysteries and such. After that, you are being transferred to Inaba by your parents to live with Ryotaro Dojima, a father detective and Nanako Dojima, Dojima's daughter, lovable and always love for Junes Department Store, stay for 1 year. You'll be going to school at Yasogami High School, listen to some lectures and most importantly meet new friends, at school and at Inaba.

You'll meet up with first 3 friends such as:
-Yosuke Hanamura
-Chie Satonaka
-Yukiko Amagi
-more as you progress the story

Things have gone weird as there is murder in Inaba and rumors of a channel called "Midnight Channel" where if you look at the TV on a rainy midnight, you'll see your soul mate. As you have the magic to go into TV, you'll be discovering weird places that ties in to people. Since you figure that the rumors ties-in to the murders, you'll be gathering up team members (or friends) to help you guide through bold bizarre worlds, dungeon-crawlings, defeat enemies and solve the mystery on who is responsible behind this. I got to say, I really love the story. Aside from the main focus of the story, the events are worth laughing and remembering. You'll be enjoying the days and such with the events to go into.

Before we go to the real gameplay, let's talk about the functions in game. So the game provides you stuffs like fusing Personas, spending your days in life, go into dungeon, do quest and such. What's one of the important elements of this game is Social Links. What you basically do is to meet new people with specific Arcana that could help you fuse Personas with a better EXP and the more time you spend with the person, the better you bond with to earn more EXP, max out to create the ultimate Persona. You can also get someone to be your relationship (Some certain people that is, mostly girls). Your status plays a role for your character. It has 5 important characteristics that could improve your choice of dialogue: Courage, Diligence, Knowledge, Expression and Understanding. All the 5 characteristics can be found in real life, improving but can take away your time so decide wisely.

Now this is where the real action starts. Like any other JRPG, it is your traditional role-playing game, you or the enemy starts attacking you and you'll make the decision on what is effective and what is not with your equipment and importantly, your Persona. Each of your party members have their own Personas, but for you, you get to choose what Persona Arcana you would like to use in battle and leveling up. Be aware though, some Personas have their own weakness and when the enemy figures out the weakness, they'll go in to One More, where vice versa, you'll be given another action. Another battle feature is All Out attack. When all the enemies are down, you'll be given a choice to accept or decline. Depending on enemies, the results are a massive damage. But if it's not enough, it will go into Tag Team Attack, when a partner goes for the extra damage. Next is the AI support. Depending on the order you attack, you'll be given a help from your teammate, whether it'll be a critical attack, aid or removing enemy. The game is forgiving. Sometimes, it tends to be struggling but with the right amount of grinding, battle will be easy. With so much stuffs going on, the game provides the proper amount of actions that'll make the game enjoyable.

Not much important here about the graphics, but it did add in more background and character details that makes Inaba look calm, valuable and pretty, like sunshines, birds, etc.

Replay Value:
Depending on how your characters plays out, you could be at 100+ hours overall. Since it has lots of contents, you can do some interactions with characters and the events. When you finish, you can go for a second playthrough with different result.

Soundtracks returns in this new game but there's new music that is not heard in the original. (Ex: Snowflakes). Some recurring voice actors and the new latest voice actors. The obvious character that made changes (I'm not about some characters but I know most recurred) is Chie. It goes from very normal to an exciting character and that adds up to a great personality for her. I know some people do not like the new Chie voice, but it grows on you. It starts of annoying, but for awhile, you can't deny on how cute and lovable it sounds.

This is definitely the best RPG game ever made and it'll keep you talking for long time until the next Persona comes, then the next game will keep you talking for long time. For the question, is it worth owning a Vita for this game? If you got a some variety taste, yes. If not, then it is still a yes. If you got the guts to shell out a Vita, then while at it, pick up the memory card and this (And some other games if you want to choose).