Don't miss this game if you buy a vita.

User Rating: 10 | Persona 4: The Golden VITA
This is the greatest game in vita--better than zero escape, which is also a good game, but you only want to play it for once.
100 or more hours in playing--if you are new for this game and don't want to miss any CGs, you'll probably need to play 80 hours for the whole game story.
The story is better than you can imagine--different from the anime and even better than some of 3D games in PS3 or XBOX360.
Great graphics in vita. Even it is not as good as PS3, but that's ok.
Better than PS2. Not like P3P, P4G contains all the features on PS2, even more.
More features--You can help players online and they can also help you.
The combination of many games--It is not only a JRPG games. Sometimes it shows me a combination of Sims and Final Fantasy.

I waited it for so long (I almost bought the Japanese or Chinese Version). And I spent whole Thanksgiving (almost 70 hours) to complete this game. After this, I also want to play again and again.

If you buy a vita not because of this game (maybe COD, maybe Assassin, maybe PS-all-star), don't be hesitate to buy one after you check it.