Made me glad to have bought a vita

User Rating: 10 | Persona 4: The Golden VITA
Persona 4 the golden is a updated re-release of the PS2 Persona 4 game.

Having already played and beaten the first one, it was amazing then and still amazing now. Now before I lose some people who might think I'm a hard core fan, i'll explain some of the reason as to why I gave the game a 10.

Firstly is the story, for all the new comes out there this story is literally the most creative and imaginative story made. It starts out with the rumors of a show that appears on your TV screen that shows your 'soul mate' but soon enough dead bodies start to appear and it's up to you and your school mates to get to the bottom of it. I won't spoil anymore for it, but it is one of the most addicting and suspsenseful. For the Veterans who already have played and know the story, the good people at ATLUS have added a few new features and Social links to give some more insight into the story, though it remains largely unchanged. But if your impatient then you can use the new 'fast forward' system that lets you zoom through cut scenes, but try not to lose any needed information during those skipped moments.

Next up would be the battle system; for those who haven't played a JRPG, you take turns between yourself and the enemy in trying to destroy the other side. However you don't have to do it alone, with whatever allies you have with you, your thrusted into the position of leader and you'll have to decide what would be the best way to go about winning. The enemies are as imaginative in design as they are a challenge to overcome, and sometimes you;ll have to decide on is it better to let your allies do there own thing, focus specific tasks or take the lead and have everyone follow your orders as you try to exploit the weaknesses of your foes who will try to prey on yours as well. Unlike most RPG games, the game ends if the Protagonist is killed though you may be given the option to retry the fight if you died or restart the level with full strength, meaning things can be challenging but not insurmountable. Their is also an assistance 'SOS' system that you can send out when in a tight spot to get other players who are playing the game to lend you a much needed hand in battle.

The characters and settings for this are also extremely likable and while outlandish at times, are entirely believable. Everything that revolves around or happens will be filled with hilarity, sadness, joy and many other emotions that will make each and every time you see them, bring up a memory and make it that much more personable. So while in the beginninng you might hate a character or place they'll gradually grow on you overtime.

There really is a lot more that I could put, but it just wouldn't do this game justice. This game is literally the epitome of everything a developer can do right, with absolutely no real flaws and provides more content and things to enjoy for hours on end, which you will I clocked in about 70+ hours first time around, with so much left undiscovered. So with that I leave you with this humble opinion and a hope that you buy and enjoy this game.