Were these changes? (contains very very minor begining spoiler)

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I didn't play much of Persona 4 when I got it back in the summer last year because I left to go teach abroad (I finished Yukikos castle and got a little bit further) but I got Persona 4 golden for christmas and it seems like the battle music has changed a bit.  When I was playing the ps2 version I could have sworn I always heard reach of truth except for boss battles.  In golden though I only hear that when I attack a shadow from behind and so I get the advantage.  Every other time I hear I'll face myself.  One thing I notice though is Yosuke is always attacking first if I do not hit the shadow first so I don't know if the music maybe changes due to which character is attacking first? 

Another thing is Every time a battle ends I cannot choose randomly because I am able to see all the cards.  The bottom of the screen always says one try left but it has been like that since the begining of the game. 


Finally I remember on the ps2 version when I got to the floor where you fight shadow Yukiko a save point was added to the floor so I could teleport there and back from outside the dungeon, but in golden all I can do is teleport to that floor when I enter the dungeon.  Although this may be due to difficulty since  was playing easy on ps2 but normal on golden. I would check the ps2 version myself but I am currently in a different country.

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As far as I know, all of the things you mentioned are changes. I haven't played the original either, though I've been watching an LP of it.

The new battle theme is "Time to Make History", and "Reach Out to the Truth" does, as you said, play only in player advantage.

Yosuke is attacking first because he has a higher agility score, and the music is independent of character order.

Shuffle Time was revamped for P4G, to make it more user-friendly or something. Every time you get it it'll indicate you have one more choice, unless you cleared the board previously.

There was a save point on the top floor in the original, but not in P4G. I don't really know about continuing from the top floor, unless you used a Goho-M.

I hope that helps clear things up.