Trouble with boss.. I get oneshot randomly *light spoilers*

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I got to Kunino-Sagiri. The fight is easy peasy note im playing on easy to enjoy the story as i had played the game on normal on ps2 and got owned by Yukiko's shadow a couple of times, I didnt want to have to grind yet. I am so in love with the story of this game that i set it to easy and the game has been such a walk in the park... Up till now..

My issue is when he mindcontrols your enitre party I get either one shot OR everyone does 150-300 dmg a hit on my character. I am level 61 and ive looked at all faqs and things I could find about this boss. And everyone sais hes easy.. Getting hit for 800dmg is not my idea of easy when you only have 500hp.

Is it even possible to survive if he controls all 3 of your party memebers?

The boss fight is already kinda random and random in rpg's is really bad imo. Do i have to blow him up once he reaches 25% hp (which is around the point where he mindcontrols your enitre party) before he gets to do his dumb ability?

My party set up is Yoske, Chie, Yukiko. Ive tried almost everything from having personas that absorb elements, to personas that refect phys and nothing is enough to even survive one wave of attacks from my own team.

Help me your my only hope ;)

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There isn't a one way to counter that.  You have to see who's in the team and respond accordingly.

I was with you too, and got one-shotted a lot there.  But I managed to survive because my Personas were a high level.

Use your items, like Physical/Magic Mirrors and/or increase your hit/evasion.  If nothing else, Guard, but always make sure you have high health.

If you have Yosuke, Chie, and Yukiko as teammates, then Yukiko will most likely bombard you with her Fire Skills.  Same with Yosuke, but only Wind.  It seems to me that getting a Persona that Nulls Fire, Wind, and Physical will solve your problems.

Remember you can use more than one Persona per fight.

I saw this quite late, I'm sorry!  I didn't check the forums much due to not much posts here.

But I hope that helped!