Izanagi Question...

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Should I keep him or just Fuse him into something better? he looks bad ass, but he isnt learning any new abilities :(

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It doesn't really matter if you fuse him or not you can buy him again from the persona compendium in the velvet room and as for him learning new skills you can use skill cards to have many skills from higher-tiers to him such as bufudyne and megido, i have Izanagi at lvl 46 with high skills. but if you want him to be at the same lvl as when you fused him then register him in the compendium or other wise you'll get him as lvl3 from the compendium. I hope this helps :D
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Yeah, Izanagi is Badass!! I know he'll stop learning new moves, but that is where Skill cards come in!!! You can always get them by drinking coffee in Okina city with certain personas who have a card icon next to their skill. You can also get them by defeating enemies in the TV whenever there is "Shuffle Time". Right now, my Izanagi is one big Badass with lot's of Electrical and Physical Skills. Hope it helps man!!! =D