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hey guys, so i love the smt/persona series. i have one, two, and three on my vita and love them (first one is my favorite). my only complaint with persona three is that, to me, it feels waay too rushed. to my understanding, you only have one year in-game time to complete everything you want before the game ends on you, or am i mis-informed? that aspect (if it is true after all) makes me feel like i have to rush to get as much done in one in-game day as possible so i dont run out of time before the one year ends. i dont know, maybe im just a freak haha.

but anyway, my question is if persona 4(golden) follows this same style? i know that p4 was built with p3 in mind, so i wasnt sure if p4 had the "get as much possible done before your 1 year limit runs out" thing goin on. im still getting the game regardless, i had it on ps2 and played it for about an hour and then traded it back in. but thats only because im not a tv-game system kinda person. i much prefer handhelds above ps3/xbox 360..things like that, not because i disliked the game. so yeah, sorry for the long-winded question, but any info/hype/anything you guys wanna talk about is welcome! like i said, im getting the game regardless, as i have it pre-ordered at my local gamestop (if only for the skin/wallpapers it comes with!). i was just wondering what to expect with this one as far as the "time limit" is concerned.

thanks in advance! oh, and november 20th (1 week from today!) cant come soon enough! its gonna be great having the p4 experience in the palm of my hand. :)

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In persona 4 it does follow the similar style of persona 3 with one full year. Unlike persona 3 you can do much more through the days, in persona 3 there were days you just went to school then came back and went to bed, whereas in Persona 4 you can create more social links and do more activities through the day such as part time jobs. The game is rather long 60+ minimum so you don't have to worry about length. In persona 4 you can also go back to each individual level after you escape, whereas in Persona 3 you had to reach a certain a checkpoint and the dungeons are more interesting and not tedious like in Persona 3. The characters a little more lively and more interesting events with your group, although I loved both games I prefer the former because of the whole package and its versatility. Persona 3 is a great game, but Persona 4 out does it in so many ways but by judging how much more content is in P4 Golden, I know it will be an enjoyable experience.