Differences in the game between European and North American?

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The game has been scheduled to be released Spring 2013 in Europe and November 20 this year. That´s a little big gap between these releases for me. I don´t know if I can wait that long for such a great game =P

So I wondered if someone could tell if there wiil be any differences in the game between these two regions. And will this game be region-locked like it happened to P4A? (although I know that P4A is for PS3/360 and P4G for PS Vita)   

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It should be fine. I don't even think the Vita can region lock though I didn't realise the PS3 could before P4 Arena. If it is region locked it will be a first and nothing has been said.

Apart from the DLC restrictions and possibly the online I believe it will be fine.

Personally I'm getting impatiant with the US release date and the actual wait for it to arrive will be pretty unpleasant too. I'm at the tail end of a play through of the PS2 game and it's going to be hard not to start again imediately. So yeah wasn't going to wait for Febuary on this one.

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I can confirm unlike persona 4 arena, the game is not region locked, I live in England and I'm playing right now

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Same here, in UK.. Playing on import.

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I imported it from playasia it came a few days after the US release, I doubt there will be any differences, maybe a special collections edition for the UK but not worth the wait imo.