Persona 4 Arena is a breath of fresh air in a somewhat stagnant genre.

User Rating: 9 | Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena X360
Let me first admit that I'm not a hardcore fan of the fighting genre, I do thoroughly enjoy a good fighting game, however I haven't played any and every title that's out there. In fact this is probably my first fighting purchase on the 360. Some may now take my review with a grain of salt, however the way I see it is, it really require a special and unique fighting game to make someone like myself spend $60 on one when I typically don't. The reason why I haven't in such a long time, the utter lack of innovation from the mainstream products.

With that said, keep in mind I've still played the full version's of the big titles out there, I just haven't owned them. Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter, etc. I've played all the latest entries in those series, however none of which have come close to delivering the dynamic experience that P4A does.

Dynamic, being the best way to describe the game. Maybe some would disagree, but in my opinion the typical fighting game feels very linear, slow, and doesn't feature the vast array of combat options and choices that P4A presents the user with. Making for a much more involved and challenging experience, and thus something that's far more skill-based than the more main-stream fighting genres.

Here, it's not just about memorizing all the moves and specials, which is still very important, however there's a huge emphasis on your execution and how you counter and react to what your opponent brings to the table. I've found each character and each (human) opponent a very unique experience. The learning curve here is a lot steeper, but also making it much more rewarding when you do find victory.

I should also note, that I'm strictly into multiplayer. I have not touched the story mode, and I probably never will. So that aspect has not been factored into my review at all. The online experience though is great. Very seamless, no lag and it's quick and easy to jump in and find a game. Only comes packed with leader board functionality, stats, the ability to save replays from your matches, as well viewing replays from those at the top of the leader board. Along with more goodies to boot.

All in all, P4A has amazing visuals and great gameplay. I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking for something new, a different experience, and one that I feel is more skill-based comparative to something like Mortal Kombat. The combat is more in-depth, from aerial to ground, and constantly keeps you on your toes, reacting quickly and smartly as you try to pull off some very amazing combos, reversals, and breaks. The game plays just as good as it looks and I feel it's well worth the $60.