One of the best games ever released.

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I have put so many days worth in this game, I don't even know the official amount but this was one of my personal favorite games I grew up with next to Halo when xbox was released but didn't get it before the ps2 which had my dynasty warriors and armored core games not to mention silent hill but those were later years. This game deserved so much better than it got on the 360, hell I don't think the hd remake of it was all that great, sure it was faithful but they could have done what 343 did with halo ce and totally remake the engine in a fantastic way while not changing anything about the original. The remakes visuals are not that far from the original really in my opinion. I thank rare for introducing this amazing games too us, but shame them for failing to bring a great sequel that could have brought back the skedar revenge or something like that and bring back elvis. My imagination had no limits for what they could have done but instead they do a prequel that is pretty pathetic. I mean it was pretty cool at first but only because the 360 was new and the graphics were so much better than what we were used to. If they ever go back too it and give it the proper service it deserved then they will be back too my favorite developers but as of now they suck ass. I will always fondly remember perfect dark 64, but it has aged it's not as easy to get back into as it once was, but do plan on playing it this summer sometime from beginning too end or at least play some of my favorite levels. It's a shame most of the fans have abandoned it but man hard to believe over 13 years have passed since this release...Hard to believe I have grown so much since then, I was in elementary school when this came out! Now I'm married have a solid career at John Deere currently welding, own my own land and not a bad house, a couple of cars and blah blah blah, but I never lost my inner child and still greatly remember this game! Thanks Rare I hope you come back and become a great developer again give us the perfect dark sequel we have been waiting for over a decade for, don't become a duke nukem joke!
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Many of us Perfect Dark crazies live at now. It was formed by JMMREVIEW (look him up on youtube) and myself and is a thriving community for all things like-minded gamers talk about. No trolls, just games music movies anime and art. We have Perfect Dark Community Events once and awhile. Chack it out.
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I just might I dont know the last time I talked to a fellow gamer about this amazing master piece of a game.  Sadly it has been forgotten, and saddened that the james bond series never got better than the original.  Seems like Rare makes a couple of amazing games with amazing success and just as quickly loses it.