Awful game

User Rating: 1 | Perfect Dark Zero X360
Basically they completely gutted the original Perfect Dark, removing most of your options, totally changing the story (Joanna was originally a British secret agent, now she is an American teeny-bopper), and essentially making one of the worst shooters of all-time.

Nothing is done well in this game. The campaign is terribly cheesy and is never fun (and has one of the lamest bosses ever), and the multiplayer is just plain terrible. They make your character run extremely slow (opposite of OPD), they remove most of the weapons that were available in PD, and they remove virtually all of the customization options for setting up multiplayer matches.

There is honestly nothing good that can be said about this game. It was a disaster of epic proportions.

This game ranks #1 on my list of most disappointing games of all-time, and that's against some stiff competition.