Controls need work but great otherwise!

User Rating: 8.7 | Perfect Dark Zero X360

By far, the worst part of this game is the gunplay. Though the guns are all very well built and there is much variety, they just all feel generally the same! The way the guns work in combat is another disappointment, it just seems too basic and feels 'weird'. The missions and objectives are all quite hard to follow and this causes quite an issue when playing in singleplayer.


What can I say? The game looks beyond beautiful, the details and textures in the environment look stunning. The only negative aspect in the graphics section is the lack of detail on the character models -- I mean, they look like plastic!


I absolutely love the soundtrack as many do but the downside to the audio is the voice acting. I mean, you'll find that everyone has that stereotype-based voice and over-the-top expressions.


Multiple difficulties in single player along with the online multiplayer and the revolutionary gamerpoints system with the Xbox 360 leaves this game with a definite 10/10 in the value section. This game will keep you playing for a heck of a time so it will pay back the 60$ and then some...