A superb prequel to a past favorite

User Rating: 9.1 | Perfect Dark Zero X360
At first i wasn't so excited about how perfect dark zero would handle and if it would live up to its predecessor, but i can honestly say that this game is all it should be and possibly the best launch title for the X360. The graphics are fantastic, the multiplayer is nothing to write home about but its still solid fun, and the gameplay is a thrill, the likes of which have not since been seen since halo. The A.I. is also something else with enemy's taking cover and rallying with nearby comrads. I'm not too happy with some aspects of the games though, such as the grenade and gun being held in front during combat which just seems awkwark. The storyline is quite well done as well although the voice acting could use some work. If you are planning on getting an Xbox 360 anytime soon, write this one down.