Wow! Awesome game, but will it follow up with it's older ancester?

User Rating: 9.1 | Perfect Dark Zero X360
Alright, as most of you know this is the sequal, or should I say prequel to the N64 Perfect Dark game. If you haven't played the N64 game you may be missing out on one of the best shooters on that system, but that doesn't mean this game shouldn't be for you. This game, like a lot of system games out now, is a first person shooter. What makes this game stand out is the awesomeness of the types of weapons you can use. Some of the classic goes that we love have come back along with some other interesting weapons.

the game play is truely worth the buy if your a fan of FPS(First Person Shooters). The game is easy to handle with bottons in easy locations to quickly get to with out having to think about it. I know how people hate to compaire games to Halo 2 but if you understood the controls in Halo, this game should not be to hard for you to handle

one of the two lowest scores. The reason for this is not that the game has horrible graphics and it doesn't. The game just lacks in Graphics compaired to most of the other 360 games i've seen or played.

Another one of my lower scores. The reason for this is because of the voice acting. Voice acting, being one of the main things to keep a good story going, was shocking. Some of you reading this already know that Jonna's voice doesn't fit with the voice of the N64 version's. This may disapoint most of you but it surely isn't a reason not to get this game.

I Havn't played the Multiplayer or xbox live but knowing that this game will have live and that it came from, in my opinen, one of the best mulitplayer games of all time, i'm sure that PD0 with have great online and also for those with out live will not be dispointed in the offline multiplayer. The singleplayer has it's times that keeps your heart going and will bring you back for more to try improve on your last score on the level.

The game is truely awesome, it has it's few minor things that could be tweaked, but other then that it's a great FPS action game. With the Difficulty that can be childishly easy to you having to be a Perfect Dark Agent just to live on any level makes the game injoyable for old and new players of FPS.