This game is something unique

User Rating: 8.5 | Perfect Dark Zero X360
The campaign's plot is non-existent. It's that bad. The gameplay is what makes this game worth any salt. There are 13 missions total in the campaign and I was just beating my head against the wall as I drug myself through them all. About midway, it does pickup a little bit in terms of how good is it but not very much at all. It's very shallow and very poorly developed. Do people care? Not at all. This game wasn't made for it's campaign. It was made for it's incredible multiplayer experience. At first, I wasn't sure if I even liked it. But after a few plays, it grew more and more on me. THAT is why almost all of the achievements are for multiplayer. The game developers know the campaign sucks and are hinting at what they want you to do.. Play the multiplayer! The weapons are satisfying and the multiple game types for multiplayer are innovative and fun. There are countless hours of fun packed into this disc just waiting to be discovered.

This game is a sleeper. It seems and comes off as a horrible game but if you stick with it a little bit, it will grow on you at least somewhat if you are a first person shooter of any kind and play online. If you don't have live, I would stay away from this game.