Any still play online?

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Got this on xbl for 3 bucks and just wondering if people even still play the game or if they even still have it activated.  I suppose I could just go in and try but seems like they let you choose the option for the arcade version of perfect dark the hd version but I can never connect anymore. 


I only played once on the mp for perfect dark hd but thought it was boring, no one used a mic or anything so never bothered with it. I always preferred the linked play.


This game still sucks though haha, such ugly visuals when it comes to the models, the environments look alright if not somewhat cartoony.

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Hey are there bots you can play with in the multi-player mode on this?

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the only thing i can suggest you if you already both the game, dont leave it apart without give him the proper attenction, for my opinion one of the best ( maybe the best itself ), fist person shooter of this generation, and online it still played a lot, and servers are fast and fluid, as no one other, and i dont joke, you will really not believe how fast it works online, and absolutely zero lag, dont aspect you will fast go in the arena and beat everyone up, because the game have such a complicate fisic, that you must first learn techniques, and after you know everything, then you must also practicing a lot, nothing to do with any call of duty and Halo, even Battlefield, that i think it's a very respectfull game, it's far away to have an accurate fisic like that game
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yes you can mix bot and human players, mot only, you can even set a game with only you and bot, ( if you have nobody to invite ), and make it like people can join the game when it's already start, and the bot will be automaticly subsituted from the human, for become a bot again, immediatly, when the others players decide to leave the game, this game rappresent the journey that this generation was goin to follow, if the cheap ( and i dont talking about the cost of the game in the shop, but i mean the resource they used for develope the games ) series of call of duty didn't became so famous, so this game generation turn it in something more commercial cheap made with a lot of videos and much less to play, and look like the biggest part of the people loved it so....
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What? I dont care about playing with bots on a game nearly a decade old, I wanna know if the population is large enough for it to be worth playing once a month or 2. I doubt it at this point.  The game looks like crap now anyways it did not age well.

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I wish I still had my 360, I have such amazing memories from playing this game back in the old days. I disregard all the hate-- I loved this game.