A nearly perfect realization of touch screen interface for a unique gaming experience

User Rating: 8.5 | Perfect Cell IOS
Ipad/Iphone gaming is an exciting area to explore. Where most game development cycles take millions of dollars and years, games on these mobile platforms evolve rapidly with successive generations coming more quickly with very steep downward price pressure with lifespans on the orders of weeks or even days. With such fast cycles (think fruit fly lifespans relative to humans) its no surprise that much of the interesting evolution in game play and gaming theory are coming out here.

Perfect cell is a good concept executed flawlessly and the experience is even more special when played on the iPad. Can you remember the first time you picked up the controller and played a game and had that moment of "I feel invincible!". Perhaps for me the first time I had such a feeling was with Metroid. That feeling that you are completely on the same wavelength as the game play. Everything feels intuitive, you feel your every execution is flawless, and your enemies in the game should run in fear. Perfect Cell captures this feeling, and it's a first for touch based gaming.

You play the game as a mutant cell with the ability to fly, cloak and strike with deadly precision and accuracy. You can even split into sub-cells making for some deeper puzzle elements.

The variety of touch based moves available to you by the time the game just starts winding up gives you a nice selection of ways to dispatch the jackbooted foes securing the base you are escaping. Charging up and drawing the path for your lightning speed strikes is a blast. You can line up foes and one hit one kill several in a single swipe.

Granted, this game is not excessively long, nor is it is outstanding in many of the other ways games typically are. But nothing about this game is poor. The level design is quite well done. The sounds and graphics are up to the task. The story is kept to a minimum and the game's strength: touch based stealth and tactical killing are kept in focus right where it should be.

Can a game survive totally on a single idea done well? Absolutely. Many poor games have desired to master the game play achieved in this game and not made the grade.

In summary, Perfect Cell brings a super fluid and natural feeling mechanic to touch screen in a unique playing experience. For the low price of entry, it's a no-brainer to want to see and experience this confident step forward in touch based gaming.