Penny-Punching Princess Cheats For PlayStation Vita

  1. Trophies

    There are 3 Gold, 10 Silver, and 30 Bronze Trophies that can be earned in this title.

    [Collect] Acquired all equipment. A Trident for a Devil
    [Scenario] Defeated Zenigami. Betrayed by Money
    [Technical] Defeated first large monster. Bona Fide Giant Killer
    [Slay] Defeated 100 human-type monsters. Don't Look at Me, I'm a Monster!
    [Scenario] Defeated Dragoloan. Dragoloan Boss
    [Collect] Bribed 50 dragon-type monsters. Even Dragons Bend to the Power of Money
    [Technical] Bribed first large monster. Everyone's Got a Price!
    [Scenario] Defeated Hawkragon. Exec A, the Bird Dragon of the Castle
    [Scenario] Defeated Naga King. Exec B, the Child-Rearing Snake of the Forest
    [Scenario] Defeated Ooze. Exec C, the Ice Cave's Top Dog
    [Scenario] Defeated Ouroboros. Exec D, the Fire Cave's Basilisk
    [Slay] Defeated 100 dragon-type monsters. Got Dragon Problems? Call the Experts!
    [Technical] Bribed first small monster. Have Some Chump Change, Chump!
    [Collect] Bribed 50 human-type monsters. Humans Are Simple...
    [Slay] Defeated 100 plant-type monsters. I'm Banzai for Bonsai!
    [Collect] Created all types of Zenigami statues in the Workshop. It's Got an Uncanny Resemblance
    [Strengthen] Fully strengthened Isabella. It's Super Isabella
    [Strengthen] Fully strengthened Princess. It's Super Super Princess
    [Slay] Defeated 100 insect-type monsters. Like 100 Moths to 100 Flames!
    [Slay] Defeated 100 undead-type monsters. Making the Undead Re-Dead
    [Technical] Activated first Coin Miracle. Money Is More Important Than Life
    [Collect] Accumulated 10,000,000 G. Money Makes the World Go Round
    [Collect] Bribed 50 beast-type monsters. Money Turns Tigers into Kittens
    [Scenario] Defeated Wifeykins. Money's Angry Wife
    [Technical] Achieved 30 Breaks with Isabella. My Combos Aren't Too Shabby...
    [Collect] Bribed 50 insect-type monsters. Now this is a Scarab Beetle
    [Collect] Acquired all Zenigami statues from treasure chests. Princess Gets All the Treasure
    [Collect] Bribed all types of monsters. Princess Has Followers Around the World
    [Technical] Achieved 30 Breaks with Princess. Princess! What a Great Combo!
    [Slay] Defeated 25 Dragon Zombies. Size Isn't Everything
    [Collect] Bribed all relics. Su Casa Es the Princess' Casa
    [Slay] Defeated 25 Fat Dragons. That's a Net Weight of 100 Tons
    [Slay] Defeated 25 Dragon Swordsmen. That's Some Shiny Armor
    [Scenario] Saw the ending. The Beginning of the End
    [Scenario] Saw the ending with over 1,000 citizens. The Kingdom's Great Revival!
    [Scenario] Cleared the Golden Dungeon. The Princess' Golden Path
    [Collect] Bribed 50 undead-type monsters. They May Have Cheated Death, But They Can't Cheat Taxes
    [Slay] Defeated 100 beast-type monsters. This Beauty Don't Need No Beasts!
    [Strengthen] Acquired first skill. This Is a Job for Super Princess
    [Scenario] Defeated Dragon Bomber. Top Exec, the Bomb Demon
    [Arrival] Acquired all trophies. True Penny-Puncher
    [Technical] Bribed first medium monster. Want Some Golden Candy?
    [Technical] Activated all Coin Miracles. When it Comes to Miracles, You Get What You Pay For!!!
    [Collect] Bribed 50 plant-type monsters. You're Gonna Buy a Palm Tree in the Sand?

    Contributed by: ZeoKnight 

Penny-Punching Princess Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. Unlock Isabella

    Complete Chapter 3 Isabella

    Contributed by: ViniciusFernand