"Eat that dirt!"

User Rating: 8 | Payday 2 PC
-Plenty of guns, masks, rewards, unlockables, and achievements.
-Decent variety of sound effects and voice-overs (some are very funny and entertaining), good music too.
-Environments look nice and are fun to explore when you're new to the game.
-Heists are fun and often frantic. It's great having a team of specialists that are good at specific things and can work together.

-AI is not terrific, especially for friendly criminals. You basically have to play this game with real people if you expect to do anything difficult or stealthy.
-Stealth mechanics are great when you can pull them off, but are extremely difficult, espeically if you're low level and don't have certain tools like ECM jammers, smooth talk perk, bodybags, etc. I feel like it's a little too easy for civilians to sound alarms and there should be more feedback as to when/why the police are about to be alerted. If stealth were easier to pull off I think the game would be more interesting and fun overall rather than just having an all-out war with the police every game.
-Certain parts of the game like safehouse placeable items and sniper rifles were never fully implemented.
-Only 10 different heists, some of which are unlockable after leveling.

It's good to see that this game improved on it's predecessor, but I think the developers still have a lot to work on to make it a great game.