Payday 2 - Major Disappointment

User Rating: 4 | Payday 2: Crimewave Edition XONE

So I heard this game was fun from my friends. I buy it, and start playing. The first thing I notice is that there's no campaign mode, which is fine, if the multiplayer is good. However, the multiplayer is equal to that of Left4dead 2; tons of people playing with either no idea how to play the game, or people who kick you the second you join their lobby. The game devs can't control this, so it's not their fault. However, the lousy AI and eagle visioned guards ARE their fault. I've had guards see me through two walls and a box before, and instantly alert everyone seemingly by magic. If you like "stealth and skill games" don't count on this one, as stealth is too buggy and the skill required to stealth all goes to waste because of lousy programming. They favor PC gamers over xbox one players as well, releasing patches with PC content months after it has come out on the pc, and sometimes never releasing it at all for xbox one. This game was a major disappointment and a waste of money.