Payday 2

User Rating: 3 | Payday 2 PC

Before the addition of microtransactions, I would have given Payday 2 a nine, however due to the addition of microtransactions, it's just a four.

Developers of the game need to revert the game back to the stage of before they were added. This is because, in my personal experience, I was lured into paying approximately £80 on DLC and expansions (which at the time I was fine with). but when the gun skins that actually changed the stats of your guns, the game became a pay to win.

It was at this point I quit the game, and if I could refund the game, then I would.

If you're thinking of buying Payday 2, then don't. It is tainted with the greed for money by the developers. So just stay away from payday 2; at least until the microtransactions are ridden of.