One year on! (retrospective review)

User Rating: 5 | Payday 2 X360

You may think the 5/10 is harsh but personally as an Xbox 360 owner I don't care, When I first bought this game I enjoyed it even though the mission variety was a bit samey & the AI was still a bit hit & miss, Mainly miss even though I'm standing infront of around 9 law enforcement that either ignored me completely or just shot blindly, It's like handing a gun to Stevie Wonder & just saying go nuts. But still, I was really excited thinking it had a lot of potential especially with the DLC on the horizon for multi-platform & surely these bugs would be fixed with patches later on. & here we are one year later did these Promised DLC packs come out? Sure they did! For PC & PS3 owners anyway, Does that help me? No it doesn't it really pisses me off is what it does, I like many others paid full retail for this broken game a total of £34.99 that's $45 US to gamer's across the pond. The biggest slap in the face is that Overkill seem to have moved on to other things after taking our money & left 360 owners with the damned basic PC Beta version. That's not just a slap in the face its a kick in the ball's by Overkill themselves, each lining up with frigging bricks taped to their shoes for good measure. Back when this game was first released in August 2013 I would have happily given it an 8/10 but that was when the DLC was actually coming out for all consoles.

Now if the DLC was to be released I MAY rethink my final score, I say may because they've left us stuck with this half a game for over a year now & many Xbox owners have moved on to better games, which is sad really because this game did have a lot of promise & I have kept my opinions/gripes about the treatment of 360 users quiet long enough but now I am thinking f#ck that & f#ck you too Overkill! You treat Xbox 360 owners like this and expect us to keep buying your games??? Hell no! Well a hell no from me anyway as I have pride & would sooner burn my money than continue to line the guys over at Overkill software's pockets, As you can tell I have zero faith in a supposedly legitimate company that treats consumers this way, In closing Overkill is a bad company & if I had my way should be sued for false advertising by EVERY 360 owner that paid their hard earned cash to these parasites