payday code zero or black tom ops

User Rating: 5 | Payday 2 X360

i have only played the demo so far but just from that i can see it needs some work,for starters who in their right minds goes to rob a bank half ass ready and stuck with a mask that you can not take off ?this screws up the whole con man feature of being able to pretend like an innocent it takes out the whole concept of being a con man of going covert and infiltrating or picking your time of attack day or night or though a wall or by tricking the workers off into a safe zone for takeing them out secretly or changeing out into some police outfit to get the most cover so i think they should add some call of duty and tom clancey effects and sniper abilities or go black ops payday a little more interaction of what a skilled conman could probly do if they had all their choices available maybe even thermal cams to be able to see which boxes have something valuable so you aint waisting your time trying to crack an empty box,,maybe even choices of how to go through the roof or from the underground or neighboring place,or how to drag a hostage or body somewhere else or trickster scripts to be able to infiltrate talk them into another place to steal the id cards or go in as construction workers its about whatever you could choose to do if ya had the chance what angle of attack would yu takethat would be like payday;covert ops or payday duties or like i said black tom=duty for a payday combineing the black ops tom clancey and payday kinda stuff as if your working for the government undercover trying to get some money back for your organization,even the abilty to stash the cash somewhere else if ya cant get it to the van make a fake wall or a fake roof airconditioner to hide it for later the mask is for the cam cover and being able to remove it after ya started is for the trickster skills which they need to add otherwise yeah its a challenge not bad