Payday 2 breathes new life into the cooperative genre, but falls flat on it's face when you play by yourself.

User Rating: 7 | Payday 2 X360

Who hasn't ever daydreamed of robbing a bank? No one. We've all thought about it at one point and always wonder: Could I get away with it? Sure, it's really mentally unhealthy to be planning bank robberies in your head, so why don't you just rob a virtual bank with some friends?

The question you have here is: should I get Payday 2 or is money best spent elsewhere? The answer to your question is yes, you should, but only if you have friends to play it with.

Payday 2 is, essentially, a bank robbing simulator. You play as either Dallas, Chains, Hoxton, or Wolf. You'll come across various crime bosses who have a job for you, whether it be robbing a bank or looting a local mall. One of the huge positives this game offers is a leveling up system and skills. As you level up, you'll get skill points which you put into different skill trees. There is a medic class, for the player who likes to get others back up on their feet. A engineer class, for those who like breaking into the vaults and safes. A powerhouse class, for those who like getting into shootouts with the police, John Dillinger style. With finally, a ghost class, for the players who want to rob a place without ever letting the establishment know that they were robbed. That's one of the great things about Payday 2 is the diversity. You get to choose how everything goes down and how you deal with the situations to come. I remember playing a job with a few friends where you had to cook the classic Breaking Bad meth formula in a drug den and have a stand off with the police. After we cooked 5 batches of the blue, we went to go to a local gang's hideout and proposed an offer to get directions towards a rival gangs money bus. Instead of selling them the meth, we killed all of them, took their money, and kept the blue meth for ourselves. That's the exceptional thing about Payday 2.

The downfall of Payday 2 is a major one though - you have to play with some friends or else your going to be throwing random fits of rage at your AI partners who act like they've never pulled off a heist before. Another bad thing about Payday is the reward system. To unlock masks for your character to don, you must pick a card at the end of a heist, hoping that it will give you one. On my playthrough, I'm a level 40 and still have to use the default masks because the game only gives me random mask materials I can't use, due to having no masks unlocked because it refuses to give me any when I pick a card.

So should you get Payday 2? If you're an online gamer who enjoyed the enthralling experiences of games like Left 4 Dead and Borderlands - it's a must. If you consider yourself a gamer who doesn't enjoy cooperative experiences, you'd be best leaving this game on the shelf at your local game store.

- An extremely fun cooperative experience with the likes of Left 4 Dead.
- Diversity in jobs makes the game feel refreshing.
- Can offer a challenge with Pro jobs.
- Skill trees are helpful and unique.

- Partner AI is horrid when playing by yourself.
- Reward system is frustrating.
- After level 40, it's extremely hard to level up.

- Voice acting is cringe-worthy.