Suggestions for DLC.

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1: Landmark locations like the Louvre,Gugenheim or the Vatican. Just to add some gravitas.

2: Newspaper post heist screen. Like earlier Hitman games, i think it would be cool to read about your exploits in the paper.

3: The ability to tell hostage's to follow and wait. Same for computer AI during solo missions.

4: New skills for:

Technician- wire cam to slide under door or drill through wall.

Ghost- Can do certain interactions with mask off. Spray paint cameras and open doors.

And i forgot the rest.

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Those are more like updates imo there is going to be 5 expansions overkill said it and if you go to the safe house there are 5 boxes that have expansions 1-5 most likely be map and gun packs and 1 or 2 new classes