Some Questions For Payday Vets

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So, I'll get to the point, I got Payday 2 a few days ago and am currently sitting at lvl 26. I'm a great shot, as I am in most shooters, but I must say that I don't understand the layout of the games classes and money system, and was wondering if anyone could answer some questions for me.

1. So I unlocked Enforcer skill tree and started spending skill points in that. There's a few interesting skills in Mastermind that I'm wanting, if I spend points in that skill tree, do I use BOTH the Enforcers skills and the Masterminds at the same time when I'm playing, like Borderlands 2 skill trees? Or do I "choose a class" before I play? Meaning I'm one or the other, but not both, and my skills in use are determined by the class I play? Does this relate to the character selection in anyway? (i.e Wolf, Hoxton, Chains, etc.) Say I choose Chains (who I assume represents Enforcer?), if I play as him, will I only get skills that I've unlocked in the Enforcer tree? Or are the skill trees and characters unrelated? I can't find any info on this anywhere...

2. What is the "Offshore Account"? I heard in the beginning when I visited the Safe House that there was something about Bain upgrading the safehouse...but I'm not sure.

3. Is the only way to get Weapon Attachments through the card system, because that seems pretty broken. And what is the "Joker Card" I've been hearing about?

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1 Points you earn are points that you get that you can spend on any class if you want to be a mastermind and spent skill points in enforcer just respec your tree you get your money and skill points back 2 the off shore account is for later on I think cause overkill said that they are later going to add safe house customization and a new enemy cloaker from payday 1 which is a instant down cause he hits you with a taser baton and he looks like Sam Fisher. 3 I have never landed on the joker card but im pretty sure if you land on it you get nothing.
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That's not what I'm asking on my first question...I mean, if I have points IN BOTH Enforcer and Mastermind do I get to use both sets of skills when I play? For example, "Leadership" on Mastermind says "you can your crew's weapon recoil with pistols is reduced". "Transporter" on Enforcer says "you move faster carrying bags". So, if I have both skills unlocked, do both of them effect me when I play, even though they are different trees? That's how I should have phrased it the first time. Sorry.

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If you have unlocked a certain skill it will be in effect regardless the skill tree it is in. You unlocked it, you got it. Got it?