Mouse lag in Payday 2 on PC?

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I am experiencing severe mouse lag and i need help, i have turned all settings on minimum or low and tinkered with all other setting in game. There is such a delay in when i move my mouse to when the cursor moves it makes the game unplayable! I also changed the refresh rate like some youtube video said would fix it but it doesnt. Is it because of my intel graphics card?
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I was the exact same issue and after a quick google seacrh I found a fix that worked for me. Heres the link: Hope it help
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thanks for the solution, but didn't solved the problem, unfortunately running the game in administrator mode did, thanks anyway. __________________________________________________________________ Payday 2 | Payday 2 Glitch | Payday 2 Problem
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For those looking for help with Payday 2 mouse lag / bug check out this video on my Youtube it just might fix your mouse lag and solve your issues, A lot of people have checked my fix and it worked for many people there where only a slight few that it did not work for but its worth a try click the Payday 2 link below. I have attempted to make a new Battlefield 3 Intro for my upcoming videos at the link below, Check out the video and let me know what you think and what I could change to make it better. Don't forget to Like and Subscribe :) Payday 2 mouse fix: Battlefield 3 Intro: My Youtube channel: I linked my channel above in case there are videos you may be interested in watching. Thanks, Dzrealkiller