Looking for people to play with (PS3)

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Hey, I recently got payday 2 and none of my current friends have it. So I'm looking for people to do some heists with. Send me a friend request on PSN ID - the59saint Looking forward to heisting with you.
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added you, id xxAJSxx23
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Add me. Corrupted_Leo
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Need people to play payday 2 with, I don't have a mic but will by Monday. Level 6. Psn Id Alex_N_Smith
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Psn    killer774 

i'll do some heist 

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am on Th3-J0k3r--90
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have Mic PSN account: mojo354
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Need some friends to invite because cant join online lobby's psn: Rubendian
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PSN: TokyoDreaming Have Mic