How to view Gun Attachments I've won?

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Hi I am a pd2 newb. Just wondering how you can view all of the weapon attachments you have won. I dont want to buy a gun and then not have any attachments for it. Just want to see before i buy what i have won before. Thanks guys.
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You can't tell what weapon uses what upgrade stupid I know unless you buy it. if you tel me what upgrades you got I might be able to help you emphasis on the might.
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you have to buy guns first in payday 2 to view attachments you have won for them. ______________________________________________________ Payday 2 Glitch | Payday 2 Glitches
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If you click available mods, the highlighted ones are unlocked for that weapon and the grayed out ones are not. These guys are way off, or am I the only one seeing this? I can do this with any weapon.

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I don't see it what button is it to check for mods for unbought weapons?
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If there is a mod for a specific weapon, it will show an exclamation mark near the gun. If it is a certain gun type, it will show over apllicable guns. i.e. I unlocked a mod for use on both the AMR-16 and the Para Submachinegun. There was an exclamation mark over both. I think it is in top left.