crew for Payday 2 (Xbox 360)

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whats up gamers, Im wanting a crew to play payday 2 with. I like to play online for fun, I want to win of course, but winning is second to just having a good time. I have a little boy and I like to play while he is in school. It seems people want to abuse the power of the kick player button, its only happened to me once but Ive read a lot of stories about it. Im easy to get along with and im fairly experienced gamer, im 37 so im mature enough to understand that some people still play to have a good time. If you want to hook up with me im on xbox 360 mics preferred but not a dealbreaker, Gamertag is X mrdr go rnd X. Thanks for any interested parties Tim
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My gt is Deutsch Hunde add me I play as mastermind skill tree
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Im looking to start a crew also... I was playing and nobody had any kind of organization and all they wanted to do run and gun... I am looking to have fun but also play the game the way it should be played, planning, executing etc... I do have a mic and I live in California gamertag: sarge134
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I have just bought the full game and if any of you guys are still playing I would appreciate thr add. Been playing the demo for ages and am pretty skilled at game but with buying the full I am starting from scratch with levels and gear. This means my skills can be moulded to suit a specific crew for playing in the future.

Gt: Tickus Mickus

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@tickusmickus: Hey bro I hope you still play this game because I was really excited to see your message. I play on Xbox 360 but don't have a mic. I do have Skype though.