Why are companies always doing exclusives? More profit in multiple platforms

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Why is it when someone finally puts together something that looks really awesome like Pathfinder: Kingmaker, it has to be only available on a single system. This game should be releasing on Xbox one and PS4 as well. Kingmaker is a lot more interesting than another dumb Call of Duty game.

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@Bloodwolf_19: obviously it may not be immediately, but long term, it's more profitable to sell to multiple platforms. Notice how now square-Enix is releasing a number of games that have only been on PlayStation or Nintendo, that are now going to be Available on alternate platforms as well as Xbox, ..... more profit

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The answer is simple, you just have to do resarch.

If you look at the developer of the game, they mainly made RTS games, and not familiar with the Consoles in any way. Also this is Russian developer, and like Germany, they are more focused on the PC market. Developers simply have no expirience or will to make it on console, doesn't mean it won't release. After the initial PC release, and if it's succefull, they (Publisher Deep Silver) can give it to the other studio to port it on consoles.