An in-depth and nuanced analysis of one of the most complicated video games ever

User Rating: 1 | Path of Exile: Synthesis PC

(Prediction: This review will get overwhelming amount of negative votes from the PoE CULT)

Path of Exile is a video game that has constantly evolved since its launch and became one of the most complicated video games ever and I'm not saying this as a negative criticism. But it hasn't only change and evolved the content through time, but also gradually changed the game from a fair free-to-play to a bully company that keeps forcing their players to buy more and more stash tabs(storage space for your items and currency) with real money. Every a few months, they launch a new league that introduces more item types, including currency, that you HAVE TO store, in order to be able to stay competitive or at the least, merely to be able to function. And the sinister thing about this is a new player has no way of realizing how much money this game wants to squeeze out of them, before they spent a huge amount of time, because as I said before, there are too many of things to learn in this game. At that point you need to make the decision of accepting you have lost your time and uninstall or start throwing endless money. They also sell ridiculously expensive skins, but to be fair, those skins have no effect other than visual. So if you want to start playing this game, keep that in mind, It will force you to buy more and more stash tabs and there is no end to it, because they start a new league every a few months and introduce more items that will need their separate stash type. In conclusion of this part of the review, It's a SHAMELESS, OUTRAGEOUS, SINISTER PAY-MORE-AND-MORE-TO-BE-ABLE-TO-PLAY, it's not a free to play game, proven by objective evidence.

Another thing I'd like to mention is the community, whom I call THE CULT. They are the most hostile people I've ever had to interact with, in a video game. If you want to test this for yourself, go to their Reddit page and post a simple question or suggest a constructive idea. You'll be amazed to see the instant negative votes and demeaning comments that are totally gratuitous. Don't take my word for it, test it for yourself. There is only a few things those people won't attack you for, If you simply post a new content from the game and type something like ''hype'' or ''cool''.

Lastly, I want to say a few things about the technical issues of this game. At one point, this game was so out of sync, it was simply unplayable, just google ''poe desync'' you'll find endless amount of material on this. Although they have improved this aspect of the game to some degree, there are still a lot of bugs that will drive you crazy with rage and there is no solution to those problems. This game will ALWAYS have bugs, glitches, sync problems, etc. Because even if they fix the problems, because of their GREED, they keep launching those leagues half-baked, because game gets boring after a point otherwise. Recently I had a major issue with this specific problem. My level 99 character died shortly after the release of one of those leagues, because game kept disconnecting due to new problems with the new league. I sent a ticket describing my problem and although they acknowledged the issues with the game, they refused to restore my characters experience! To give you an idea, If you die at level 99, you lose 10 days of real time gaming... This is the equivalent of a car company selling you a car that won't work and then they tell you ''Yeah the car is broken and we know it's not your doing, our own mistake, but we refuse to do anything about it.'' Actually it's worse than my analogy, because they won't even lost money to restore your experience...

I will end this with an advice; STAY AWAY from this game. Even if you don't mind about constantly throwing money at a greedy company, there is only a tremendous amount of frustration and a hostile community of players waiting you. As I said in the title, THE CULT will give this review a lot of negative votes, but don't judge this review by those votes, everything I said here is provable with objective evidence, don't take my word for it, test it for yourself.