Great FTP Diablo inspired game

User Rating: 8 | Path of Exile PC

This game is great! This is a free to play Diablo inspired game. It’s easy to just drop in play for a bit if you can’t commit hours at a time.

The skill tree is pretty expansive. You can play a warrior/tank class and put point in to increase you intellect so you can cast some of the more useful spells. The skill tree is huge and very flexible. Your skills come from gems that you socket into your weapons and gear which is a neat idea and those gems level up as you use them. There are also support gems to modify those gems. So if you are an archer and have the muti arrow gem which lets you shoot three arrows at once, you can add a support gem which now makes it five arrows. There are lots of combos and possibilities.

The story is pretty good. There are only three acts to the game but it can take a while to play through it. Just like Diablo, you can replay the campaign on a higher difficulty and get better weapons and armour.

Overall, great game. I’d even pay $10 for this. It’s got an item store but it’s not pay to play. Most of the stuff is cosmetic or just adds XP bonus which is not necessary. You level up pretty quickly.