You better like rhythm games!

User Rating: 7 | Patapon PSP
Patapon has charming visuals and a very interesting idea: by using different beat combinations, you can tell your army to advance, attack, retreat, defend and use special abilities. The graphics are great, and the ability to gain new weapons and troop types is fantastic.
The gameplay itself requires alot of focus. Your little squad of Patapons may just get demolished if your timing is off. Sometimes you'll get right in the groove and have no trouble, but sometimes...well, you'll see for yourself. Like I said, you'd better like rhythm games!
For me the big weak spot of this title is the grinding. You have to play hunting grounds over and over in order to get enough kaching to build new units. Without new super units you'll be decimated in battle. This game is very difficult, or it was for me.
Ultimately this game had alot going for it, but I tired of grinding and grinding just to build the right units to win the missions. In the end, I just didn't want to take the time to finish the game. If you love rhythm games, you may love Patapon, just be prepared to grind!