Patapon a new view on rhthm-based adventures.

User Rating: 8.5 | Patapon PSP
Patapon is a different view on the ryhthm-based genre that, let's be honest, is growing a little stale at this point. When I first popped Patapon into my PSP I was greeted by the wonderful world of the Patapon. The presentation could use some work however this minor issue was fixed in the second one. Patapon starts with you as the player becoming a god of the dying race of Patapon, it's up to you to take command and lead them to success over the dreaded Zigoton army. I loved the simple easy to grasp controlls in Patapon. Each face button on the PSP is mapped with a Patapon "drum" that when a rhythm is played right will either lead them to attack,march, and yes even defend! It's nice that at the push of a button all the songs you've learned are displayed in case you forget. One problem though is that you cant save during the gameplay wich bothered me a little bit. I also found the gameplay a little short but was very entertaining and fun and I plug this game in all the time just to play through it again. Overall great fun to be had with the Patapon and it comes highly reccommended.