worth the cash

User Rating: 9.5 | Patapon PSP
Patapon is a new way of playing games. You play these eyeball people or patapons. This a new RPG with a new way of game play. You basically run defend attack etc buy playing a beat. with the main buttons (X square triangle circle) you play a certain beat based on what you want your army to do. They teach you the drums and beats needed to play the game which you can re access to the manual or by just pressing select. Every button makes a different sound and helps different drum combos. The two basic beats are forward and attack which they give you from the beginning of the game. To move in the beat, you press square square square circle. or pata pata pata pon. and then they all move. at first you might not like the system of how this works. You might not like playing the first two or three levels, but then you fight the first boss, which is where most people start enjoying the game. It shouldn't take you too long to reach the first boss. When you play you end up with several of different types of patapon groups to choose from like one with swords and shields, one with horses, arrows, etc. With these groups in the center is the Hatapon which is like the king in Chess. If He dies, you die, Game over you start over the mission or play bonus games. There are several of bonus, rhythmic games that are very fun. Every time you beat the bonus game you get sticks, or stone, rocks, or even special weapons. Rocks, stones, and wood can be used to create patapon to put in your army. If you put more rare items to make a patapon you'll end up with one of a different color and higher advantage over an average patapon. Its a really fun addictive game that ends up extremely fun, and remains this way even if you beat this long game and is 100% worth the cash. Don't even bother renting it, it is a 99.9% chance that you'll like the game if not at first after the first boss.